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Floema S.r.l. - Mediterranean Agronomic Consulting - is a service and consulting company in agriculture which was born in February 2018. The Consultancy is based in Bari, in Puglia, however, it provides technical assistance throughout the territory of Southern Italy, thanks to the work done by the founding members and qualified external collaborators. The relationship between the members was born thanks to the common friendships created during the course of studies at the University of Bari "Aldo Moro". From the beginning, a particular bond was created among the members, held firmly by the passion for agriculture. After the first professional experiences in different disciplines, exercised independently from each other, in the summer of 2017 we came up with the idea to put our knowledge together and create a project for the future based on important principles such as: • The certainty of being able to contribute to the change of the agricultural world;
• The collaboration between the technicians and the producers;
• Innovation as tool for growth;
• The safeguard of the territory and respect for the environment.

Work Method

Floema S.R.L. – Studio Agronomico Mediterraneo – works daily in the agricultural holding, side by side with the entrepreneurs.
The term “phloem”, in botany, indicates the set of plant tissues that carry the sap elaborated by the synthesis bodies up to those of use to satisfy the need for energy for the own growth (buds, roots, fruits, seeds.)

Floema S.R.L. is a consulting and agricultural services company that has as main goal to transmit to the companies any useful information, after a deep and elaborate analysis, for a correct management and organization of activities. To make this possible, the consulting receives constant updates on the news of the sector and is in continuous contact with the companies operating on the territory.

The Floema work method, in fact, is focused on the continuous search for innovation, the in-depth technical analysis, the monitoring on the territory, the communication between the operators of the sector and the interaction between the technicians operating in the area. The consulting provides technical advice and direct support in the field of the table and wine viticulture, olive growing as a sector in undergoing evolution thanks to the new types of plants and cultivars resistant to the Xylella Fastidiosa bacterium, that are getting lots of interest. Studies, research and experiences gained on the field have led Floema to stand out on crops such as the Pomegranate, the Avocado and the Mango, now become viable alternatives to southern fruit growing.

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