Research and development

The importance of research and collaborations

Floema is a reality in constant growth and updating. The knowledge, the study and the collaborations have always been at the center of our professional activity.

Michale Joe

Senior consultant , MBBS

Training, research and development

  • AGQ Labs, multinational company that deals with the nutritional control of crops, soil analysis,
    water, leaves, fruits, multiresiduals;

  • Agricola 2000, leader in the experimentation of new products and techniques for agriculture, acts as a subject of innovation for companies and public and private research institutes that operate in agribusiness, as well as in the field of consultancy to companies and public administrations;

  • Center for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture (C.R.S.F.A.) Basile – Caramia di Locorotondo;

  • Department of Plant Protection and Applied Microbiology of the University of Bari “Aldo Moro" (Di.S.P.P.A.).


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