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Floema works side by side with agricultural companies.

Floema S.r.l. - Mediterranean Agronomic Studio provides services and agricultural consultancy studied and targeted to the specific characteristics of companies operating in the agricultural world. The consulting provides technical advice and direct support in the field of table and wine viticulture, olive growing as a sector in undergoing evolution thanks to the new types of plants and cultivars resistant to the Xylella Fastidiosa bacterium, that are getting lots of interest. Studies, research and experiences gained on the field have led Floema to stand out on crops such as the Pomegranate, the Avocado and the Mango, now become viable alternatives to southern fruit growing.

The company employs qualified professionals with technical and practical knowledge on the protected crops, and specialized in vegetable crops and open field fruit growing.

Services, consultancy and assistance

Floema S.r.l. - Studio Agronomico Mediterraneo deals with services, consulting and assistance in agriculture.

Technical assistance on table grapes, olives, pomegranates, sub-tropical fruits and vegetable crops.

✔ Floema provides accurate and periodic field visits to verify the different situations and possible crop problems, in order to prevent and face them promptly. Floema also accompanies the manufacturer at all stages of the production cycle.

Consultancy in the field of plant nutrition through the use of certified and patented methods.

✔ With the use of lysimetric probes, Floema provides technical assistance through targeted fertilization prepared following the analysis of the circulating solution.

Design of new production facilities and revaluation of existing ones.

✔ Floema realizes the design by means of technical drawing programs; besides, it has experience in the context of the recovery and revaluation of plants already completed.

Nursery assistance.

✔ Floema employs professional technicians experienced in nursery productions in both the ornamental and vegetable-fruit garden sector.

Chemical-physical and phytopathological analysis at affiliated laboratories.

✔ In its process, Floema uses certified laboratories, where are carried out all the different types of analysis that allow to draw up a specific diagnosis and, therefore, to elaborate a targeted control.

Consultancy in the post-harvest sector.

✔ Floema guarantees technical assistance to companies even after the collection of product, through the control of processing and shelf-life in the warehouse.

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